Latest News - March/April 2018:


We are proud to announce our Enviropeel E170 distribution agreement with A&E Group and look forward to a long term partnership together.

To celebrate our new partnership, we can also confirm that Zero Corrosion have be awarded a contract with Shell to protect the remaining SOW on the Shell L13 platform with Enviropeel E170.

2017: Projects completed for Chevron (Thailand), Noordgastransport, Shell L13, NAM Norg, Air Products, Taqa Energy, Shell Moerdijk.

2016: Projects completed for Engie (G17), Total E&P, Centrica, Noordgastransport and Ampelmann, GasUnie.

2015: Projects completed for GasUnie and Oranje-Nassau Energie.



At Zero Corrosion BV we take Health, Safety, Environment and Quality as our main focus.

  • We are a VCA Registered company.

  • We have a Zero Accident record.

  • All personnel are VCA Certified and work in a professional and safe manner.

  • All products are environmentally friendly.

  • Our personnel work to the highest standards possible.



At Zero Corrosion BV our values are clear – we are here to solve our client’ problems in a safe and professional manner :

  • Regular and precise communication before, during and after projects.

  • All completed projects are analysed internally to find potential improvements.

  • Friendly and helpful personnel.



Zero Corrosion BV was set up in January 2012 to help serve the Dutch oil and gas industry by introducing thermoplastic anti-corrosion solutions as an alternative to traditional blasting and painting solutions for complex shapes such as flange connections.

In 2014 we introduced our Biodegradable Descaling Solutions to the market – with the lowest corrosion rate of any descaler in the World, these products are safe on delicate metals such as titanium and aluminium. Our innovative solutions allow maintenance of heat exchangers in situ, saving the need to remove and manually clean equipment.

In 2016 we started introducing surface tolerant painting solutions for smooth surfaces such as pipework. As a result we could offer our clients the “complete solution” to their corrosion problems with much reduced costs by eliminating the need for blasting.

In 2017 we further investigated our High Performance Painting Solutions to include protection of high temperature equipment. By using wet and rust tolerant priming solutions we can further reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the requirement of a specific humidity during application.

In 2018 we changed thermoplastic manufacturers to Enviropeel; they have the longest track record in the field and the material is very fast to apply. Temperature and humidity are not an issue during application and no blasting is necessary.

In May 2018 we will introduce CEFAS approved High Performance Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids for maritime environments.


Zero Corrosion BV have proved to be a flexible company, always putting the needs of our clients first.


We thank all our clients for their faith in us as a solutions provider.

© 2018 Zero Corrosion BV